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“He smiles a lot. But I think there might be worms inside him making him smile.”
— Stephen King [The Stand]

I've been studying worms...


My research has three major focus areas all combining traditional organismic biology, advanced morphology and bioimaging with transcriptomics and phylogenomics.

  • Chaetogenesis: I use serial TEM, immuno-histochemistry CLSM to describe the cellular mechanisms of chaetae formation in annelids while investigating the molecular underpinnings of this intricate process with transcriptomics and differential gene expression studies.

  • Phylogenomics: I use phylotranscriptomics and targeted sequence capture to uncover the evolutionary relationships of marine invertebrates (mainly annelids).

  • Integrative Taxonomy: I use a combination of advanced bioimaging techniques (e.g. µCT, serial histology, SEM) and molecular species delimitation methods to describe new taxa.




Ultrastructure, cellular and molecular mechanisms of chaetal formation in annelids.



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